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      Creature Crunch was originally developed in 1996, primarily for Windows 95 and Windows NT (4.0). It should work on all subsequent Windows platforms, although installation could be problematic, as menu structure and registry access has changed.

    Original System Requirements

    • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/ME

    • Intel Pentium processor.

    • Minimum 16MB of RAM (Do they even come with that little?)

    • SVGA (min 640x480, true color) graphics card.

    • MPC-compatible sound card and speakers.

    • 4X CD-ROM drive.

    Game Engine Patch


      To install patch, find the Class6 directory on your computer: Start Menu, Search, For Files or Folders... Type in Class6, Look in: Local Harddrives (C:;D:) and hit return. Unzip the downloaded file to that location. Rerun the game.

Public Domain Mark
This work (Creature Crunch, by Class6 Interactive), identified by Internet Archive, is free of known copyright restrictions.